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No Water? No Problem!

Just getting into the shower and the water has gone out? Don’t panic. First, check the fuses and breakers in your home to make sure they have not tripped. If they haven’t, get the Plumbing Medic on the phone promptly to help you assess and diagnose the problem. If repairs are needed, we’ll be over in no time to take care of them!

The Importance of a Quality Pump

Old or new pump, what’s the difference? Consider these facts:

  • Did you know that an old/worn pump can actually cost you more money on your electric bill?

  • Did you know that a dug well gets a large portion of its water off the surface, so things like animal feces can ruin your water?

For these and many other reasons, it’s critically important to not only have an up-to-date pump, but also one that’s properly maintained and functioning optimally.

Myers® Pumps Stand the Test of Time

Did you also know that big-box store pumps cost less because they are made with lower quality parts? That’s why we install pumps from Myers®, a brand well-known for quality and after-sales service. Big-box pumps may look like the pumps we sell, but when put to the test, they don’t equal our pumps. Discover all the pump options available from Myers®, a respected pump manufacturer.

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