High-Pressure Drain Cleaning &
Video Drain Inspection

High Pressure Cleaning for Clogged Drains for Newmarket & Lindsay

If you have a plugged drain, call Plumbing Medic Ltd.! We offer a full line of diagnostic equipment designed to check your drain and then fix it.

  • Tree roots grow in cycles every spring and fall, and they will infiltrate your piping and cause damage.

  • Simply running water down the drain after grease doesn’t fix the problem; it just pushes the grease further down the line.

  • Snaking a greasy drain in order to clear it will simply make the problem worse.

  • Professional video inspection is the best way to diagnose a clog and locate any bad spots, which ensures that the repair work that is done is precise and doesn’t waste your time or money.

Some companies give you the hard sell to try to get you to buy products that are supposed to clean your drain. Save your money: don’t put grease down your drain. And if you have, get video inspection and high-pressure cleaning from Central Ontario’s experts, Plumbing Medic Ltd.!

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